Un-Named Practicum Student

Practicum Student

Our reputation is as a state-of-the-art medical and surgical facility with highly trained staff.  We offer a range of medical and surgical services that would rival some human hospitals.  We love to pass on what we know so we regularly have as part of our staff a variety of practicum students.  These students come to us for a variety of time periods and often from universities across BC.  University based training for Animal Health Technologists and Veterinary Assistants requires that these students spend a portion of their training time utilizing their academic skills in a practical way in our hospital.  Our practicum students are charged with a broad range of duties to expose them to every facet of veterinary medicine and are challenged to expand their academic horizons while under our tutelage.  We love having practicum students so much that we are known from time to time, to hire them for employment following their time with us.