Alexa L.

Veterinary Assistant

Alexa serves as a Veterinary Assistant on our health care team.  As part of her training program, she came to us for an extended practicum period. We were impressed with her so offered her a position with us following the completion of her training.  Her role with us is pretty broad.  She works to assist our reception staff and will routinely give assistance to clients making appointments and other reception duties.  She is an integral part of the direct medical team providing assistance to both our technical staff as well as our veterinarians.  As a result, she has to be on her toes to keep a bunch of broad ranging duties straight.   Alexa has shown very good aptitude for medical/technical skills and so the scope of her duties within her position continue to increase as she undertakes additional training.

Alexa is very personable and friendly like all of our staff and her engaging smile seems a permanent fixture.  Say hi when you stop by.