Pediatric Spay and Neuter Surgery

8 week old puppies...the perfect age for pediatric spay and neuter

We at Valley Veterinary Services provide spay and neuter surgery services for dogs and cats in Chilliwack and the surrounding area. Those who have had pets that have undergone spay and neuter in the past will likely have had this surgery performed at the age of “puberty”.  This is typically between 5-7 months of age.  The selection of this timing for these procedures has been one of convenience as pets of this age can be treated as adults with respect to anesthesia.  No special anesthesia or anesthetic protocols are required.  This is also the common procedure taught routinely to veterinary medical students and thus subsequently employed in general practice.

In the last several years there has been development of pediatric spay and neuter procedures.  These procedures are typically done on pediatric age pets (typically between 8 and 12 weeks of age).  While surgery at this age requires specialized techniques, training, surgical equipment, anesthesia and monitoring there are several advantages to these techniques.  The main benefit is that these patients will recover remarkably rapidly.  Where most juvenile pets will be drowsy and uncomfortable for several days following the procedure, pediatric patients often go home the same day as the surgery and appear to be “quite normal” according to most owners.  The benefits of Pediatric Surgical Procedures: 

-rapid recovery from anesthesia (less grogginess at home)-rapid recovery from surgery (less pain)
-smaller surgical sites mean less chance of post-operative infection
-smaller patients demonstrate less post-operative “grooming” and licking behaviour that can cause post-operative trauma and complications
-less anesthesia required
-less medications needed following the procedure
-pre-pubertal sterilization means no accidental, early breedings possible
-puppies can be placed in new “pet” homes with no chance of ending up being used by “backyard” or “puppy mill” breeders
-early ellimination of all unwanted secondary sexual behaviours that often manifest themselves prior to puberty  

We follow strict protocols and continually monitor your pet’s vital signs to help ensure their safety. Please see the descriptions under General Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring for more information on what we do to keep your pet safe.  We ensure that whatever discomfort may arise from the surgical procedure, good pain control measures are always employed.  We at Valley Veterinary Services include this in our procedures and pricing and will never be “cut-rate” by removing this vital component from the cost of the procedure (please see the descriptions under the Pain Control Section).  Our patients appreciate this and our clients appreciate the good value they receive along with the very comprehensive surgical service we provide.

At Valley Veterinary Services we have acquired the skill and expertise to perform these procedures and have the facilities, equipment and personnel to ensure a positive outcome. Click to Contact us for more information or to make an appointment today.