Pain Management and Control

We now know that all animals including dogs and cats experience pain in much the same way as people. We at Valley Veterinary Services employ all reasonable methods of pain control before, during and after any pain inducing procedures (ie. surgery and dentistry).  We use our knowledge of pain medication and pain relief strategies to prevent and manage pain in pets, both before and after surgery and in the event of an injury or infection. We can also ease pain caused by chronic disease, such as arthritis.  Our pricing structures will always include reasonable pain control measures (we do not consider these “optional” or a place where the fee for service can be reduced.  Our pledge to you is that we will never employ these deceptive and inhumane cut-rate practices.

Ask us about our pain management options and plans, which we will tailor to your pet’s medical condition and individual needs. We also offer acupuncture services, which can help control pain in some pets.