ACL REPAIR (Cruciate Ligament) Knee Surgery

xrays immediately following surgery showing implants perfectly placed following TTA Surgery

Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture is one of the most common orthropedic conditions seen in dogs.  While the perfect technique for repair has yet to be established we are getting close.  Repair techniques include 1) Static Repair (including Extracapsular Surgical Repair) and 2) Dynamic Repair (including TPLO and  TTA surgeries).  At Valley Veterinary Services, we offer all available repair types though cannot recommend Static Repair any longer for dogs as this technique simply does not hold out any promise for good return to normal function when compared to the excellent results achievable with Dynamic Repair in particular TTA Surgery.

While Static Repair techniques are readily available from many general veterinary practices, Dynamic Repair is predominantly only available from Specialist Surgeons in urban centres.  In 2007 Dr. Steinebach undertook significant post-graduate orthopedic surgical training and has since that time obtained the skills and experience to successfully perform both TPLO and TTA repair surgeries.  Of these two techniques, most dogs will fare better with TTA surgery with rapid return to normal function and very few post-operative complications.

We perform many of these surgeries and we accept referrals from other practices in lieu of referral to an orthopedic specialty centre.  We offer: very short wait times, single all-inclusive pricing so you know what the entire procedure will cost from admission until your dog is healed, and personalized care before, during and after surgery.

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