• New MRSA variant poses new concern for veterinarians, public health and medicine

    Oct 05 2013

    MRSA infections are a huge concerns in health care.  There was a time when this did not hit veterinarians radar.  We simply felt that this was a human health concern and really did not affect us…

  • Tick Prevention

    Oct 02 2013

    Tick season is upon us again. Or at least, it is now in full swing, as ticks have been found on dogs even in northern areas in the winter. Along with these ticks come conversations about what is or…

  • Hairballs in Cats

    Sep 28 2013

    [caption id="attachment_2358" align="alignleft" width="300"] My tummy hurts![/caption] …

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    Purina Foods Affected By Recalls

    Sep 17 2013

    Limited Recall of Purina One Dog Food Underway …

  • Yet Another Pet Food Recall Now in Effect

    Aug 21 2013

    Do you feed any of the following brands of pet food? …

  • Ten Common Dog Myths

    Aug 12 2013

    At Valley Veterinary Services Animal Hospital in Chilliwack, BC, our veterinarians commonly are faced with unravelling commonly held misconceptions about dogs and cats. Pet owners hold strongly to…

  • Summer Heat Can Kill Dogs

    Jun 25 2013

    Once summer temperatures begin to sore, I know that I am in store for a couple of relatively regular veterinary exam-room stories.