• Thumbnail for The Yellow Dog Project

    The Yellow Dog Project

    Nov 20 2014

    Have you ever seen a dog with a yellow ribbon on its collar or leash and wondered what it’s about? The Yellow Dog Project is a not-for-profit movement to help dog owners and the public identify dogs…

  • Thumbnail for Ebola and Your Pets

    Ebola and Your Pets

    Nov 13 2014

    By Lynn Buzhardt, DVM …

  • Thumbnail for A Salute to Military Working Dogs

    A Salute to Military Working Dogs

    Nov 06 2014

    A Navy Seal and his dog rappelled from the scoreboard to the field of Cowboys Stadium in Texas to deliver the official game coin for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals football game. The…

  • Off To The Vet !!

    Sep 15 2014

    The medical conditions that bring most pet owners to the veterinarian are much more common than most would think.

  • Behaviour Modification - Implementing Desensitization and Counterconditioning

    Jun 09 2014

  • Winter Pet Care: Honey, it’s cold outside!

    Dec 06 2013

    With winter here, many parts of the country will experience weather conditions that are "not fit for man nor beast." Many pets resist going outdoors into the cold, wet weather, but despite these…

  • FDA Responds to Jerky Treat Recall

    Nov 01 2013

    Animal Hospital News, from Valley Veterinary Services, in Chilliwack, BC......After reaching out to licensed veterinarians and pet owners across the country for help with an investigation into tainted…