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  • Doctor Steinebach and His Broken Bones

    Mar 24 2015

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Way, way back when I was much younger I received some fantastic advice from a dear family friend regarding choice of future occupation. He said that his job was one…

  • Top 10 Cat Mistakes

    Dec 07 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

        Top 10 Cat Mistakes I have been around in this racket for so long that no one can argue that I have a certain expertise when it comes to…

  • The Internet Is Giving Me a Headache

    Oct 14 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    “I was doing some research and I want your opinion on something I found on the internet….” Difficult and confusing medical and surgical cases don’t scare me but the above…

  • Abuse, Pets, and Vets

    Aug 19 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Me: “Oh my. What a beautiful new dog you have.” Dog: “Grrrrrr” Owner: “It’s alright Tiger, Doctor Mark won’t hurt you….he loves dogs……(leaning in towards me she whispers) “we think…

  • Vets and Clients and a Relationship Laundry List

    Jul 07 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Most worthwhile relationships in life require some work; marriage, friendships, work relations and family relations. They all require something of each party in order to be sustained. And each participant…

  • 12 Human Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill Your Dog

    May 26 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    One of the most important things with pet care is knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog….that and capitalizing on your puppy for hilarious memes and YouTube videos. …

  • Ten Common Dog Myths Demystified

    May 08 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Ten Common Dog Myths  Dog Myths are like Urban Legends; they are recycled so often that we begin to give merit to what we almost inherently know to be untrue. …

  • Move Over James Herriot

    Apr 15 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    I get a real kick out of people’s perceptions of veterinary medicine.  Our personal perceptions will be formed, like with all things in life, from our interactions with family and…

  • Your Handbag Could Be Harmful !

    Feb 26 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Have you ever been in the Express Checkout line at the grocery store, debit card in hand, only to be delayed by that person who cannot locate their wallet or…

  • Chocolate Can Harm Your Dog!

    Feb 13 2014

    valleyvsadmin | Our Blog

    Do you love your dog? Does he own your heart?  Is she your favorite Valentine? If so, you’ll join millions of pet owners who will include canine companions in their…