May 06 2015

“Our family has used your veterinary service for many years…”

Dr. Steinebach, Dr. Tugui and all staff members….

Our family has used your veterinary service for many years, you have always shown what wonderful caring individuals you all are and our family thanks you for that.

I want to particularly thank Mark for his time explaining what was happening and what I could expect to happen to my Tiki in her battle with cancer.  Thank you Mark.

Cristian I will forever appreciate your professionalism and caring way when I finally brought Tiki in for her last visit.  Thank you very much, as well to the young lady  who attended with you.

The decision to say goodbye to Tiki was the most difficult decision I have had to make because she was my best friend and constant companion and it seemed so unfair.

Thank you all for your condolences, these have meant a lot to me in the days since I said goodbye.

You will always be highly recommended by myself and my family as a wonderfull place to have ones pet cared for.


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