Apr 04 2013

Good Bye HST….Hello Savings

Good news folks.  As of April 1st you will save 7% on your veterinary bills at Valley Veterinary Services.

even cats with extra toes give us a "thumbs up" when it comes to saving money

Regardless of what people might think of the much maligned HST, there were definitely pros and cons which seemed heavily dependent upon how you as an individual were affected by it.  In the veterinary industry we sustained a good kick to the teeth by the HST (as did our clientele).  As a nearly completely service oriented industry, greater than 95% of transactions at our office only had GST applied (and were PST exempt).  With the onset of HST, our clientele were penalized by 7%.  I know this is an oversimplification of how taxation occurs and I am sure that tax specialists could easily render my take on this into the philosophical equivalent of playing in a sandbox but in day- to- day terms, this is how we were affected.    Our clients sustained a huge increased tax burden.  As of April 1 this has now changed.

Save 7% on Hill's Prescription Diets when you purchase them from us, as compared to purchase from any other outlet

So now when you come to our animal hospital for care, you will notice an immediate reduction of 7% across the board on your invoice.  That is nice.  Another benefit comes to those who rely on us for flea protection and for food.  Our guaranteed flea products are only sold on prescription and are effective at preventing flea infestation and the secondary disease consequences of this.  Our prescription pet foods are also sold on prescription and are for prevention of disease or for direct treatment of medical conditions.  Both of these are thus PST exempt.  If you presently get flea products or prescription pet foods from us, you will save 7% over any other product that you might try to substitute from any non-veterinary outlet.  These other outlets do not even sell any equivalent product so the point is somewhat moot (though some of our clientele may have been convinced that a non-prescription item sold by a pet store is “just as good”).  For those of you who may have been substituting a pet store product for one recommended by myself or Dr. Tugui, you now have 7% more reason to not do this any longer.  If you would like to take advantage of 7% savings on pet food and guaranteed flea products, please come and see us and we would be happy to help you.

Save 7% on all flea products including Program, Sentinel, Advantage, Revolution, Capstar, Comfortis and others

Posted by:  Dr. Mark Steinebach

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