Feb 08 2013

I work at Valley Veterinary Services

Our Head Veterinary Technician Natalie

Working at a Veterinary Clinic

Natalie attending to puppies after a C-Section surgery

Growing up I always knew that working with animals was my destiny. I was the child that ran up to owner’s asking to pet their dogs and asking my parents to stop every time we drove by horses in a field. It took me a little while to get here, but now that I am a Registered Animal Health Technologist (RAHT) at Valley Veterinary Services animal hospital, I will never look back.

AHT's (technicians) perform a wide variety of medical tasks daily including laboratory testing

People ask me, why this career?  Why work at an animal hospital.   They ask, “is it not sad all the time?” Yes it can be very sad whenever someone has to make that awful decision regarding a loved family member, but it can also be very rewarding when we are able to nurse a sick animal back to health or perform a surgery that will improve their quality of life. Since we do a lot of work with the SPCA we see a lot of abandoned animals, and I am often asked how do I not bring every abandoned animal home? Well first there is no way my husband will let me, we do have acreage but there is a limit on how many fur babies I can bring into the home. Second I am a huge believer in we don’t get the pets we want but the pets we need.  I would have never thought to get a German Shepherd cross puppy until the fates brought us together.   I was actually looking for a Pit Bull puppy as a companion for our older dog but when Vedder was brought into the clinic by a wonderful client after finding her abandoned by the river, one look at those big brown eyes and huge ears and there was no way she was going to go home with anyone else. She has taught me an awful lot in a year and a half, mainly patience, and is finally becoming a wonderful addition to the family. Our latest family member is small kitten that was brought in by the SPCA, he had broken his leg in multiple spots that required his left hind leg to be amputated.  I offered to foster him over the holidays while he was recuperating from the surgery, and he officially became ours on January 19.  His name is Rico Suave since he loves to cuddle with the ladies and fits in perfectly in our crazy household.

Some think Veterinary Medicine is all about playing with puppies and snuggling dogs....and they are right.

There are certainly days that are tougher than most, but knowing that people are entrusting us to take care of their family members is a special privilege we are very proud of.  Any time a patient is left with us we all realise how scary it is here for them so every staff member does what they can to make them feel better, whether it be giving them a cuddle after blood work or a scratch on the head or a tummy rub.  We take what we have been entrusted with seriously.   Those of us working at this veterinary clinic would refer to our career as a calling rather than a job.

Posted by:  Natalie H.,  AHT

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