Jan 10 2013

The Crazy Cat Lady

Su loves cats including Nala who was a long time clinic cat at Valley Vet Services

The Crazy Cat Lady???

Su loves cats but little ones occupy a special place in her heart

A stereotypical ‘crazy cat lady’ is a single woman who dotes upon her cats or cats. The term is usually considered pejorative although for some it’s embraced!  The term is also used to denote an animal hoarder who keeps large numbers of cats without having the ability to properly house or care for them.  Neither apply to me so does that mean I lose my title and I have to stop wearing the t-shirt? Yes I have a Crazy Cat Lady T-shirt – my sister-in-law bought it for me, and yes she is trying to tell me something!!

How many cats does it take to make you ‘the crazy cat lady’?? I have 10 – yes 10, and to answer the questions that first come to mind when people hear that:

  • I have 8 litter boxes,
  • Litter boxes get cleaned 3 times a day,
  • Litter boxes reside in the “cat room’ (yes the cats have their own room complete with towers, climbing frames and shelves)
  • and no, my house does not smell of cat poo, (believe me my in-laws would let me know with glee if it did, they’d tell me just after they had finished reminding me that I don’t iron my husbands underpants and socks … I kid you not!!!)

Does having a husband cancel out your ‘crazy’ title or does that just make him ‘the poor guy’ that’s married to ‘the crazy cat lady”? Why do you never hear of ‘the crazy cat man’?  My husband loves the cats just as much as I do, however I will take the blame for bringing them home … he just never asks me to take them back!

We don’t have children … we have cats; our closest friends also don’t have children they also have cats! In our group of 8 (4 couples) we have between us, 25 cats … now that’s a lot of cats. At least we don’t have to explain the odd stray cat hair in the salsa!!!

...and she loves donkeys too (but there isn't an official title for that)

It brings a whole new meaning to the idiomatic saying ‘its like herding cats’ because if herding cats was a Olympic Sport we would have the gold as it’s a daily occurrence in our happy cat household … and we wouldn’t change a thing!!

Posted by:  Su W., Reception

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