Dec 26 2012

Valley Veterinary Service’s Christmas Card To You

valley vet services christmas cat

valley vet services christmas catIt is at this time of year that our staff gets to enjoy a collective few days off to celebrate with friends and family.  And it it at this time of year that we are most keenly aware and thankful for the trust that our great clients place in us.  Most of the people that we provide veterinary care for see their furry little friends as members of their family (up to 82% of you).  And so it is no small matter that you trust us to provide care for these loved ones.   And so we want to thank you for this trust.  We don’t take it lightly and we pledge to conduct ourselves with regards to the welfare of your pets by the “Golden Rule”.  We will do unto your pets as we would have done unto ours.

For those of you who trust in God, we wish you His richest blessings in this coming year and for everyone we trust that you will have a great time of visiting and catching up with friends and family.   May this time of year be everything you hope for and we look forward to continuing to serve your in keeping your pets healthy and happy all year long.

Posted by:  Dr. Mark Steinebach

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