Nov 01 2012

Holiday Safety And Your Pet

We folks at Valley Veterinary Services love our pets and for us they really are members of our families.  And as such we include them in what our family is up to.  During the various holiday times we want our furry little friends to have a good time too but above all we want to keep them out of harms-way and out of our veterinary hospital over the holiday times.

Food glorious food: 

  • We love to eat during the holidays but what is safe for your pet.
  • Turkey?  Turkey bones?  Pies?   Don’t we all love these…….but they are less than optimal food sources for Fido….
  • Probably best to stick to pet approved foods as many human foods can cause indigestion, pancreatitis (if massive overeating occurs), etc……

Ghoul and Zombie problems???

  • Please keep all pets indoors during this Halloween to prevent them from becoming the target of mischief that can often be at best unkind and at worst downright cruel to our furry friends.

Fun costumes for your pet at Halloween –

We love to dress up and have a good time and maybe our pet would like to join in the fun.  What is safe and what is unsafe?

  • Be aware of any loose strings that can be ingested
  • Be cautious of costumes that have buttons or other small ingestble parts
  • Make sure that if you put a costume collar on that it is not too tight
  • If you’re taking your pet out with you make sure they have reflectors or lights so they are visible to traffic.

Chocolate danger:

Halloween is great time for the kids as they get quite the haul of sweet treats many of which include CHOCOLATE!  Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and at best will require a trip to the veterinary clinic or afterhours attendance by our veterinary emergency service.  Some tips to remember:

  • Keep the candy out of reach from your pets.  Even the cats, you never know when they will try to take out the dog.  J
  • The darker the chocolate the more harmful it is
  • The sooner you address the situation the better, waiting 24 hours after chocolate ingestion will do no good.

Other candies & foods to beware of:

  • A giant no-no for our pets is sugar-free gum and will result in an untimely visit to our veterinary emergency afterhours service.  The main sugar free sweetener used in many gum brands is xylitol which can potentially kill our pet friends…..and most dogs absolutely love sweet things like most of us.


  • Scary and loud……many dogs develop noise phobias which will induce an unnatural fear response that can lead them to escape from houses and yards and is a leading cause of dogs being hit by car during this time of year.  If your dog is made particularly hysterical by loud noises we can help alleviate some of their symptoms with appropriate medications.
  • Possible injury – especially if your pet likes to fetch

Have fun and staff safe kids of all ages……

Posted by: Esther F., AHT (Valley Veterinary Services)

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