Oct 10 2012

How We Continue to Keep Ahead of the Cool Kids….

The nearly 19 years ago when I walked out of university with a Veterinary Medicine degree in my hot little hands was a real milestone moment in my life.  It was for me the culmination of a nearly 10 year journey in the post-academic world of study, reading, exams, sacrifice and poverty.  Now I was being “loosed” on the world.   In those days a new doctor’s first position was invariably an internship/residency (if you could afford to stay in school longer) or in my case a position as an associate veterinarian with an established practice.  After a year of cutting my teeth in private practice I knew it was time to fly solo and so began Valley Veterinary Services, Chilliwack, BC.

In the olden days the only way anyone knew anything about the services you provided was from a yellow-pages advert (apparently some people persist at using this old fashioned method)  or  “word of mouth”.   Now we have the Internet.

When the Internet and websites came along the veterinary community viewed these with scepticism.  I did not.  We were one of the first to jump fully onboard with a website (www.valleyvetservices.com).  My OCD kicked in and our site was very quickly the largest site that our web-provider hosted.  The downside was that the “site” became very difficult to maintain and keep current.   The other downside of being around a good long while???  The “expiry date” on web-sites had long since passed on ours.   The answer to dated, old-fashioned looking and inconvenient to use???  A complete redevelopment of the site.

This blog is part of this rebuilding process.  Our hope is that it will provide you with a little glimpse behind the scenes and into the working lives of the folks that make this place hum along and do what it is we do for you.    We have a News section that is updated several times per month with current, relevant veterinary news items from BC, Canada and beyond.  We will have regular News entries from the bowels of our Animal Hospital telling you about the goings-on in veterinary medicine right here in Chilliwack.   You will be able to get to know our staff members.  You can request appointments and  prescription refills and even order a bag of your favourite high quality Hill’s pet foods.  Take a virtual tour of our animal hospital, watch an introductory video about our hospital and even check and see what other clients are saying about us.  Watch videos from our “do it yourself” library and if you are unsure if a visit to us with your pet is necessary, a visit to the interactive “Sick Pet Helper” page will give you some advice in this regard.   You can even do all of this on a cool mobile version of our site that is optimized for use on your Smartphone.

So come have a look at our new site.  Feel free to offer feedback.  Our hope is that this will help you when you need help and inform you when you want info and help you to feel connected to us.   We love the long and enduring relationships that have developed with so many of our clients and their pets over the years.  It makes us feel like we do what we do for family members and we do want our big happy family to keep growing.

Typing and smiling,
Dr. Mark Steinebach

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2 thoughts on “How We Continue to Keep Ahead of the Cool Kids….”

  1. Sylvie Mean says:

    I really liked bring our pets to you guys. I havent got one nasty thing to say. you guys were there for us when we had to saddly put our 6yr old dog Harley down. Whom we miss very much. I always tell my friends to go see you guys your like family.

  2. Lisa Storozynsky says:

    Congratulations on the new website; great layout, user friendly, informative.

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