Jul 02 2012

“Thanks to Dr. Steinbach, and everyone at Valley Veterinary Services”

Away From Him So silent the house, No quest for a mouse. No cupboards to climb, No paws filled with grime. No out and no in, To my great chagrin. No black and white fur, No flop, and no purr. Just life filled with fear, For Cricket, my dear. Annoying, endearing, You leave my heart searing. The furniture shreds, And unoccupied beds, I face every dawn, I could shed tears upon. In this uncertain state, I fear for your fate, Which we cannot foretell. I just wish you well. That is how it felt when my cat, Cricket was hospitalized for a few days this past month. Thanks to Dr. Steinbach, and everyone at Valley Veterinary Services, he is back to his energetic self! I am also grateful for having Trupanion insurance. This meant I did not have to make agonizing decisions about how much care I could afford for him.

Posted By :    Elaine

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