Nov 17 2008

“your kindness and understanding”

Dear Dr. Mark, Dr. Klein, Melissa, Susan, Natasha, Angela and yes, even Nala….. Thank you so very much for the card regarding Scooter and for your kindness and understanding. We’ve always considered ourselves fortunate to have chosen Valley Veterinary Services for our cats’ health care and felt secure in the knowledge that Comet and Scooter were in capable and compassionate hands. We appreciated not only that, but also your patience, Mark, with the frequent phone calls and consultations (particularly with Comet’s Diabetes) and your expert advice over the years. And Melissa, thank you for your cat-sitting. Our world feels very empty and wrong right now with the loss of Scooter – without the furs and purrs of our beloved cats – but we cat take some solace in knowing that, with your help, we gave our feline family the best care we could. We realize these endings aren’t easy for any of you, either. You’re in this profession because animals matter to you and, as we all know too well, doing the right thing can be difficult. That awareness only heightens the sense of teamwork we’ve felt through our association with you – and strengthens our admiration for everyone at Valley Vet. Thank you again for all you’ve done to help Scooter and Comet – and us.

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